The heart behind it all.

Hello you beautiful people! My name is Amber Verdugo. I'm the photographer for the adventure seekers and the hopeless romantics. People describe me as a 26 year old adventurous soul fueled by faith and way to much coffee. I have recently become a new mamma to the cutest little human ever, Jayce. Motherhood has opened up my eyes to an entire new side of love that I never knew existed until he entered my life. It is a new perspective that I will forever be grateful for, and with it has emerged a new sense of creativity. I am blessed to call the Southgate entrance to Yosemite National Park my home. The outdoors are my escape on any given day. I crave wind blown hair and straying off the beaten path. The sight of the sun setting fire to the sky makes my heart skip a beat, and you will generally always find me barefoot. I lean towards simplicity and find great joy in revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary of life. Discovering the stories behind a persons life is what inspires me. The idea of how they got to be who they are today, all the tiny little moments that led them to where they are right in this moment. For me, photography got me to where I am. It is the outlet that helps uncover my passion for life. Love is what drives me. I love fiercely and deeply, and I would love to hear your story...so if your up for a little adventure lets get together and create something beautiful.

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