A Misty Morning - Oneonta Falls Engagement

Anthony & Lindsay 

"Being engaged to you is the best adventure yet..." - Lindsay Jean Delacruz

This photoshoot was one I had been looking forward to from the day my brother told me he was going to marry Lindsay. In all the days of my life I have never seen my brother as happy as he is with this woman by his side. Both share such a strong craving for adventure, and seek out to serve one another in love on a daily basis. We woke up at the break of dawn to catch sunrise (which I don't just do for anyone haha), making our way over to Onenota Falls in the Oregon Gorge. The entire waterfall was ours for the morning with no one else around. It was a surreal moment to share with my brother and soon to be sister in law. I got completely lost in the beauty of it all. Climbing over logs, walking through icy waters, and dancing under waterfalls...no any other way I would want to spend my morning. Not to my knowledge, my camera had somehow switched to an incorrect setting, downsizing the images and the resolution. When I found this out, I was distraught. Utterly embarrassed, and after meany tears of frustration were shed I broke the news. When I told Lindsay and Anthony of this, they did nothing but shower me with their love. You see, they made me realize it was not just about the shoot, but the experience we had together. And ultimately the memories we made were ones that will last forever. I am so incredibly grateful for these two, and so happy that they have found one another. I wanted to share this shoot regardless of the clarity, because what these images do portray quite clearly is their love for one another.  

-I love you both dearly, and can't wait to embrace Lindsay into our family.